Culvert Cleaning

Whilst our core business is groundwork and civils, we are vastly experienced in the process of winch-cleaning culverts.

Our dedicated excavator mounted system with assorted attachments benefits from excellent off-road access and can be easily positioned at the culvert headwall. Our mini mower attachment enables us to clear overgrown access, saving you the cost of hiring a dedicated contractor for clearing over-growth.

Our tracked robotic system gives off zero emissions in the culvert and so is excellent for smaller jobs where access is very tight. Because transport is very easy, a robotic culvert cleaning job can be completed in a single day.

Jetting systems are not employed ensuring non-silting of down-stream water ways.

See us in action...

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Culvert Construction

We are also experienced in the construction of concrete culverts, completing recently G.S.WBP for Norwest Holst Construction.

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